A Major Manufacturer Has Begun Designing Its Cars Using Augmented Reality

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Designers at Ford and Volkswagen are using augmented reality to produce plans for brand-new cars. While physical designs are still an essential part of the procedure, brand-new technology is being executed to promote imagination and cooperation.


Whilevirtual reality intends to blend users away into another world, augmented reality offers an overlay that changed the world around them. Now, we’re seeing this technology utilized increasingly more to assist designers visualize their creations.

Auto manufacturer Ford has obviously begun equipping its designers withMicrosoft HoloLens headsets This hardware is utilized to tweak the positionings of numerous aspects of the automobile, after a clay design has been built to develop its fundamental shape and type.

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Designers have the ability to choose anything from the front bumper to a headlight and change its size and positioning with movement controls. “This ability to mesh digital and physical worlds together is for us the future of designing products,” stated Craig Wetzel, Ford’s supervisor of style technical operations, in an interview with Wired

Currently, designers need to turn their illustrations into a 3D render, which is then sent out to engineers, and possibly went back to the style group with notes and asked for modifications. Wetzel discusses that when engineers and designers deal with the exact same tool set, the procedure is more effective, and produces a much better outcome. It likewise offers advantages in regards to providing staff members positioned in geographically far-off places the chance to work together better.


Ford is by no indicates the only automobile business wanting to integrate augmented reality technology into its style workflow.

Volkswagen utilizes a set-up referred to as the Cave Automatic Virtual Environment, where several room-scale canvases have actually images forecasted onto them. However, the business likewise sees the advantage of physical designs that benefit from augmented reality methods, just like Ford.

“Real hardware models continue to be used in preference over virtual data in many of the process steps,” checks out paperwork about its proceduresfrom the Volkswagen website “The reason for this is that forms, curves and geometries can be assessed more effectively using a vehicle model in reality than via a purely virtual display”

Image Credit: Volkswagen
ImageCredit: Volkswagen

Implementing this type of technology makes it simpler for designers to bring their concepts into the real life. There are numerous different procedures needed to take a vehicle from the principle phase to production. Using augmented reality to produce 3D visualizations of the ended up item must assist make sure that none of the smaller sized information of the style are lost along the method.


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