Disney Made A VR Jacket That Can Simulate Hugs, Snakes Crawling On Your Back

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Have you ever questioned exactly what it seems like to be typed VR? Me neither.

Well, you might get your possibility anyhow. Because Disney– the business behind your preferred youth films like TheLion King and Tarzan — has actually coordinated with MIT Media Lab and Carnegie Melon to make this a genuine thing.

By connecting 26 independent air bags inside a customized life vest, the group produced exactly what they call the “Force Jacket” — a jacket that can simulate understandings of a “snake moving across the body” or a “hug.” We could not make this up if we attempted.

Each air bag can rapidly pump up or deflate, developing haptic feedback feelings throughout the upper body of the user. According to the paper, there are 7 various levels of pressure that vary from “gentle hug” to “punch to the gut.” The objective is to produce results that differ the typical “buzz” of a vibration motor, and produce feelings like “quakes” or “beats.”

As an outcome, the Force Jacket can simulate the mild tapping of raindrops, or a heart beat experience by activating the air bag near the chest. The group even reaches distinguishing in between “adult” and “child” hugs (or “Enclosure,” to utilize their terms). How charming!

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