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Welcome to the best shop that sells virtual reality glasses, VR headsets and related technology gadgets with free shipping (USA) that you can use for a great augmented reality experience. We also have the best accessories that go along with them, and no, we can’t give them away for free (we will have some cool giveaways though from time to time) We select the best deals from all over the web, including the Amazon Store. When you buy something, you directly go to that store. Hence it’s the safest experience you can have. We only feature gadgets that have been tested by our engineers, and we’ll soon be adding a reviews feature from our own engineers. Currently, customers who have bought the items can add their review.

You can use these VR headsets with Android, iOS, PlayStation, XBox and in some cases, even Windows. Before buying, make sure it’s compatible with the system or smartphone that you have. For the best experience for playing virtual games (especially with Playstation) or watching 360 Videos, we suggest you get the best gear and take no shortcuts in quality. If you compromise the quality for in the VR Glasses for little money, you might not have the best augmented-reality experience you would have had otherwise.

What Kind Of Virtual Reality Glasses Do We Have?

many girls wearing VR glasses

Many companies make VR Headsets, like Oculus Rift, Samsung, Nokia, Google (yeah, a cardboard box headset does count), and many other smaller ones. Nokia isn’t as famous as Samsung Technologies or Oculus Rift, but some of their Virtual Reality Goggles are really great. You can even make one yourself, by using free instructions from youtube and your android smart phone (that has the required sensors). We’ll keep adding more cooler virtual glasses to the stock after we have tested each and every one of them.

We are open for suggestions. If you have a store or a product that you want to be added to our list, you can contact us on our email.

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